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Motorization of shades, blinds + draperies, is not only affordable + necessary these days for our clients, neighbors + friends, but it has also become a new way of sophistication + a new growing trend for new homes being built across the nation. 


The Remotes + the wireless control systems are very easy to use, + easy to program + specially easy to replace + modify as needed.  The new generation of motors are very quiet + work on a huge range + can even be operated with your smart phones. 


Motorized window covering is a new Luxury, you cannot afford not to have, on your home. It brings convenience, security + comfort at an affordable price tag without compromising your life style + preferences. 

All kinds of window fashionproducts can now bemotorized+ controlled with a simple touch of a button. They are easy to use + easy to maintain.  


If you are concerned about child safety, if you want your privacy + security under control + if you want yourwindow fashionproducts to be handled in such a way that would last you many years of enjoyment, thenmotorization + automation is the answer. 


Please visit our showroom for the latest inhome automation,electric shades, control panels, wall switches, remote controls + iPad applications. 




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